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If you want to make money online and you want a steady stream of
contacts to talk to... then you've come to the right place

"Discover an Unbelievably Quick and Easy Tool That Gives You An Edge and a Big Fat Pay Raise Using Some Of the Most Visited Sites in the World!"

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can be
getting thousands of targeted leads daily.

Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

I hate long web sites.  Let me get right to the point...

Do any of these sound familiar: (please tick any boxes that apply to you as you read)

You are not making any or too little money online. You don't know why, but you are convinced that you are not doing something right, and the evidence is clearly displayed in your income statement.

You are on a strict budget. You have probably blown your money into the wrong direction. Or you sacked your boss too soon. Whatever the reason is, you don't have much money to spare right now, and you don't have the appetite to discover you've made another financial mistake with the little money that you have.

You have a good understanding of how to browse the internet and send an email. But you don't know how to turn these simple skills into income-producing assets. As the saying goes, "you are one skill away from wealth"!

You are still new to making money online. You are probably a budding entrepreneur, with little or no resources, and are looking for a turn-key tool that you can plug into that won't take a week to learn.

IF any one or all of the above applies to you, then today is your lucky day and NOOO... it's NOT expensive.

When I hear the word "expensive", I start to think about what many very famous people have said..  Financially challenged people ask, "How much it cost?" and rich people say "How much will it make me?"   But I am getting a little ahead of myself. 

I have a confession to make. I've been quietly making a nice living from home, working online, for the past two decades.  It's not terribly difficult to achieve either.  However, it is difficult if you have to do everything manually.  I realized that a very long time ago.  Working 14 hour days to build my online business back then got very tiring.  I then got sick and tired of being tired and asked myself, "Why not automate everything possible?"

I then set out to do just that and I have created many such tools over the years that have been on the cutting edge of "prospecting".

What I mean by the word "prospecting" is in other words, the search for people to see what you are trying to sell.

So here is the problem in a nutshell...

So you have to find that source of leads that will not drive you broke.

No matter how you slice it... The way to build your business is with constantly putting people in front of your presentation system.

What's my solution?  It's actually very simple. 

You have to find that source of leads that will not drive you broke.

The simple solution is to have a never-ending
source of leads...

But how? 

I have always strove to automate everything possible through technology.

I use tools to generate or find the leads or in other words, they do the sorting and sifting for me.  That's right.  But I am sure you already know that.

Most people either don't have a clue as to what to do to generate them or figure that they are too expensive to buy so they give up and quit.


It's all too true. 

I am here to introduce to you two amazing new tools I have created called Extract Master Basic and Extract Master Extreme.


What do they do?  All you need to do is type in the keyword you want to search for, select the category and location and you are off and running.  It's really that simple.

What's the difference between EM Basic and EM Extreme?

EM Basic is for BackPage and AdlandPro only and EM Extreme also does Backpage, AdlandPro, eBay Classified and Direct Matches

This software will SAVE YOU MONEY on having to continually buy targeted leads and can put you in a better position to MAKE YOU MONEY once you introduce those people to your product or service. 

There is not much else to say... this is so easy that 5 minutes from now, you could be getting a truckload of leads.

They say that fresh targeted leads are the essential.  That is absolutely true!  The lifeblood of your business is the new blood.

Or, you can go back to what you have been experiencing.

You may be thinking that this sounds like a fantastic program and that you can think of tons of people that would want it.  No problem.  Most everyone thinks that way.  We thought of it too so we created a very powerful affiliate program.  The only requirement to join is that you are a paid member.

If you want the easiest, fast way to make money and you want a hefty commission.  Then the 1 Up is so powerful yet simple to understand.  You give up your 1st sale and then you are qualified.  Then ALL the sales comes directly to you!  It's that simple.

 Everyone Gives Up One!

This process of Qualifiers Keeps Rolling Up to You to Infinity!



What Are You Waiting On?
$77 for Extract Master Basic
*Payments are split $50 to member & $27 to admin
$144 for Extract Master Extreme
*Payments are split $100 to member & $44 to admin
(Both are one time purchase)

We are also going to go one step better. 
You get all the following too!

Just remember that this is a one-time payment so Extract Master is yours... forever! You can use Extract Master for the rest of life.  There are no monthly fees.  Grab the leads generated and then do with them as you please. There is a never-ending pool of possibilities waiting for you.

Go ahead and order right now.  I know you'll be happy you did.


Peter Wolfing

*Once you create your account, you will need
to select which version you would like.

P.S. Don't pass this offer up.  It really works.  Today is the day of the rest of your life to make money on the net!

P.P.S. Plus you will have access to our VERY lucrative affiliate plan after you purchase!

Note: Extract Master is for PC only.


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